Over the past few years, thanks to funds from the Nadair Trust and The National Lottery Heritage Fund, we have consolidated our educational work on the islands. Also, in 2007 we published an interactive CD, Gaelic Now. This CD included 20 Chapters of useful words and phrases in Gaelic. The CD was distributed to 200 businesses and groups on Mull and Iona and we are now in the process of producing a Second Edition. Chapter headings included: Basics & Essentials; Introductions - getting to know each other; Chit Chat; Food & Dining; Shopping; Out & About; Money; Accommodation; Emergencies; Directions; Colours; Signage; Place Names; Outdoors; Indoors; At the Receptionist & telephone calls; At the MOD & Ceilidhs; Managing Communication Problems; and finally - Idioms and Proverbs. Now we are embarking on the development of this new website which will strongly feature both audio and video. Currently, the Gaelic Pages are being developed and here Gaelic speakers will be able to share topics and information in the first Discussion Board to be published with all menu items meeting the new and recently agreed technical terms and conventions. The site is scheduled to be fully functional in late summer 2008. We welcome any ideas for content on this site, so do not hesitate to get in touch and share ideas on ways to promote both the Gaelic language and culture.